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How to Get a Job

One of the things I want to use this blog for is a way to give my PhD job seeking friends advice based on what I learned while on the job market last year. Some of the tips and tricks are things I learned from going to job seminars and talking to other graduates, others are things I learned from experience.

I’m planning to touch on the following:

  • How to pack for an interview trip
  • How to find out about jobs
  • How to get that first interview
  • How to get the interview visit
  • How to manage the stress
  • How to make decisions at the end of the job hunt
  • How to deal with that two body issue

Since I’m a computer scientist, all of my advice is geared toward that crowd. One of the reasons I want to put it all together this way is that I had trouble figuring out what general advice I found applied to computer science, and what didn’t!

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Posted by on September 1, 2011 in Job Search