About Me

Who Am I?

In the summer of 2011, I graduated with my PhD in Computer Science.  Now I’m embarking on an adventure known as a “tenure track faculty position” at a liberal arts school.  I am using this blog to share some of my experiences and insights to both help myself remember what I’ve learned, as well as to help my friends who will soon be going through the same experiences.

Why “Tea Prof?”

I am a professor, and I like tea.  Well, some people would say I more than “like” tea.  If there’s one thing you know about me not related to work, it is probably that I drink a lot of hot tea every day, even in the summer.  I’m a big fan of green teas, and generally only drink loose leaf tea as it usually gives more (natural) flavor.  I’m as excited to talk about tea as I am to talk about computer science. As I learn more about tea I will probably post insights here as well!


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